Student Mentor Program

Our Mentor Program furthers NHRC's commitment to the development of HR professionals. College students are paired up with current HR practitioners for the purpose of being guided as the future leaders in the field.

Student Mentor Program Testimonials

"The program has been great so far! My mentor is very well educated and has plenty of experience. She loves to answer any and all questions that I have for her regarding HR topics. I can't come up with any weaknesses at this time, simply because I haven't discovered any. You guys did a wonderful job matching me with my mentor, as we have lots in common and work really well together. I look forward to carrying on with the rest of the program." - Katrina S.

"Throughout the 12 years I've practiced HR, I've long believed it is the most important business discipline! Let's face it- without its people (human resources), a business can not have success! I have chosen to become a mentor to help our up-and-coming HR professionals really understand the unique responsibility they have as HR practitioners, which will help them deliver for their future business partners.

This experience has truly been fun and has taken a minimal time investment, but delivers such a huge return for me! I get to help make a difference in my mentee's career and to also help our HR community and business partners- what better way to further develop our field, and give back for all of the lessons I've learned and the opportunity I've had!" - Nellie W.

"My mentoring relationship has been incredible! My mentor helped ease my nerves before internship job interviews, and gave me a multitude of helpful resources that prepared me both for my interviews and for my future as a Human Resources professional. As a mentee, I feel as though I would not have had the confidence to land my first HR internship without the guidance and support of my mentor. It has been extremely beneficial and a relationship worth forging!" - Caitlin R.

"It has been a great experience mentoring a college student pursuing a degree in human resources. My mentee has come to me for advice as she starts her HR career and I am happy to act as a resource when it comes to interview and resume tips. She was also able to job shadow to learn more about my role in recruiting to help determine where her interests lie in human resources." - Melissa P.

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