Peer Coaching Program

The Northwest Human Resources Council’s membership is rich with talented and experienced HR Professionals. To tap into that extensive talent pool, NHRC is introducing the HR Peer Coaching Program. The intent of the peer coaching program is to provide positive support, feedback and advice to an NHRC member to improve his or her professional effectiveness in the business setting by matching them with another NHRC member who is an HR subject matter expert willing to share their knowledge and insight.

Let’s work together to offer peer coaching. If you have a specific expertise and you are willing to share your knowledge and advice, NHRC needs you. If you have a particular need within the human resources field, NHRC wants to connect you to another member with experience in a specialized areas of human resources for support and skill building to achieve desired results.

A peer coach’s commitment will depend on the specific need requested. The two professionals will discuss the desirable outcome and determine if the match is a good fit. They would independently decide how they prefer to work together (face-to-face, phone or face time, e-mail), the frequency of their meetings and length of coaching needed.

NHRC is developing a roster of members who have agreed to become a peer coach with a specific area of expertise. Additionally, NHRC will generate a roster for those who wish to gain better understanding or knowledge in a particular area. If you are interested in becoming a peer coach or are looking for a little assistance, please email the Council Office.

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Peer Coaching Program Testimonials..

"I was in a tough spot in my career and was looking to move up or out at my then employer and decided to contact the NHRC for a career coach. The coach I had been assigned at my employer was not working out for multiple reasons. I needed some direction and someone to guide me. The NHRC quickly paired me with Peggy T. and it could have not of been a better match. She reached out to me very quickly and we immediately hit it off. I could have not asked for a greater career coach! Peggy worked with me through the tedious interview processes I was taking part in, guided me on how to manage my current assign coach at my place of employment, provided advice and council on many activities I was working on and was also very supportive of my decisions. I ended up finding a new employer within a few months of our coaching relationship. Because Peggy is such a great coach, I asked her if she would stay my coach for a while longer and she happily agreed!" - Becky P.

"If you want to be a good coach in the workplace, you need as much experience as you can get. This program allowed me to continue developing various coaching techniques, while helping another Human Resources individual develop. The rewards are intangible, but priceless, as well. I'm so happy I had the opportunity to help others in the professional community and would encourage other HR practitioners to take advantage of a program that is free, flexible, and beneficial for both the coach and coachee. If we want to develop more HR leaders for the future, this is a simple way for HR professionals to contribute." - Peggy T.